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    she stood up亚洲中文字幕无码一久久区

    Mom and Rachel's BiSexual Fantasy---My Mom winked at me as she walked by my room where I stood fully dressed with a white buttoned up collared shirt and my light blue and tight jeans. I looked back at my mother, Carol, and smiled. My mom who had just walked past my room leaned her head in through my bedroom's open door. Both of us were going on a date tonight. She was going out with a man to a club and I was meeting Rachel at the local Asian / Chinese Restaurant. My Mom was wearing a tight white pull over top which was low cut exposing most of her upper big saggy breasts and a short black skirt and high heels. The two of us were ready to go out on our dates. "Ready to go big boy?" Mom asked standing outside my bedroom door motioning me to come."Yes," I replied walking over to her. "I was talking about your man downstairs," She smirked looking at my penis, "I want to see it's ready for your girl."I gently pushed my Mom's body against the wall. I held my hand next to her and leaned in."You tease so much it's almost cruel, Mom," I said.She placed her hands on my chest, but not to push me away."Cruel?" she asked coyly. "I thought it was just naughty. Someone probably needs to teach me a lesson.""I think so," I said. I was becoming extremely aroused even before meeting my date in person."Maybe my date," she said. "Do you like the idea of that? Him bending me over? Giving me a spanking for being a very bad girl?"I shook my head."Not even a little?" she said. "Don't you want to think about it a minute? Get a picture in your head?"I shook my head again."Your date is dressed as the devil, isn't she? It seems like your hands will be full punishing her tonight.""I'd rather it were you," I said grinning."So you're not going to fuck her tonight?" she asked, talking about my date Rachel.She ran her hand down my chest and over my belt. It brushed my cock. Her big hazel eyes were locked on mine. Our lips were dangerously close."I bet you fuck her tonight," she whispered.She ran her hand against my cock again. It was quickly growing hard. She squeezed it gently through my trousers."I bet you fuck her tonight. And you think of me," she whispered.I didn't know how to respond. We stood frozen. Barely breathing."I'm going to fuck my date tonight," she whispered. She started stroking me through my pants. "And I MIGHT think about you. And how hard you are right now."I couldn't hold out any longer. I kissed my mother on the lips for the first time. Passionate, Tongue Swirling, Hot Breaths coming out from our mouths. This was a kiss a Mother and Son should never do with one another, but the taboo, the incest, the feeling of deprived love consumed us. Her big tits crushed into my chest as our lips touched. My tongue slid into her mouth. I put one hand on her curvy hip and moved it up until I could cup her right breast. She moaned and arched her back. She rubbed my cock faster."I'm feeling so fucking hot andwet!" My Mom whispered.We kissed again. We were obviously both into one another. I held her hand against my rigid cock and moved it up and down. Then I went for my zipper."No," she said, shaking her head. "Don't.""I just want to feel your hand on me," I said."But I won't be able to stop myself," she said."You don't have to," I answered.Our kiss continued. My zipper was still down. After a minute, I felt her hand sliding into my pants. She wrapped it firmly around my cock."Oh," she moaned. "It feels big. Better than your Dad's! I want it so bad."I leaned into her and pressed my lips to hers. I felt her hand squeeze my rigid cock. My tongue slid easily into her mouth. She started tugging my dick.I pulled back and opened a button on her blouse. Her lacy bright red bra looked ready to pop open and spill those big titties.I reached for the cup of her bra. I wanted to taste her hard nipples. But she pushed me away and shook her head.I started to protest, but she squeezed my dick harder and kept jacking me off."Let me suck on your titty," I demanded.But Mom just shook her head. "How about I suck on something instead?" She said as she kissed my chin, my neck and kept going down. She dropped to her knees in the hallway. Then she gently pulled my cock through my fly. It stood erect just inches above her incredible tits.She pumped the base of my erect hard on with her hand and guided the head toward her savory wet tongue. She licked the shaft up and down until it glistened with her saliva. She slapped the head against her cleavage and left little wet spots on her orbs. And then she took me in her mouth completely.I gasped and whimpered like an animal as my Mother, Carol, sucked my dick in the hallway of our childhood home. And I didn't care. I loved my Mom and finally my dreams were coming true! My eyes were locked on her as she sucked my pipe. Her titties jiggled back and forth as she bobbed her head along my shaft. I barely recognized my own voice."Oh, please," I pleaded. "Suck it, Mom. Suck my cock."I whimpered with delight. She brought me right to the edge, and then backed off."No!" I shouted.Mom flashed a wicked grin."You want me to finish you off?" she teased.I nodded my head."But what about your date?" she continued. "Maybe we should wait?""Please no Mom. Just please finish me off," I blurted out. I was fully erect and could feel my whole body contracting and trembling ready to blow!She wrapped her hand tight around the base and started tugging me."You said you wanted me to finish you off?" she teased. "You want me to suck your big cock until you cum in Mommy's mouth?"I couldn't respond. I just grunted and nodded my head. I couldn't remember the last time I was so desperate to climax.Mom swirled her tongue around my cock head and stroked my shaft. I grunted and groaned feeling blood rushing into my man parts. I could feel my balls getting pumped. And then I unloaded. My hot cum erupted into her mouth. Some dribbled out her mouth, down her red lips and chin, and splashed on those sexy tits. Mom had sucked me dry and swallowed my seeds .When it was over, she stood up, put my cock away, and zipped me up. She buttoned her blouse. And then she kissed me again, a quick peck on the lips. Without another word, she walked to the washroom cleaned up, and we left for our waiting dates. -An hour later-In case you forgot, my dates name was Rachel. She was the complete opposite of my Mom. She was young, (25 years old), skinny, tall, and wispy with long brown hair, a tight ass, and high little tits. A hot brunette! Rachel was beautiful. She was always smiling and loved to socialize. I listened to her ramblings and thought she was really cute.She dressed in a silky red blouse that had the top few buttons open and a tight red pencil skirt that hugged her hips and ass. She had on red heels, and red stocking. She was literally dressed like a hot devil! I was absolutely focused on getting Rachel's panties off and her legs wrapped around me.Our date went really good. I asked her to come over which she certainly agreed to. Mom hadn't seemed to be home so Rachel and I were home alone.Rachel went to use the washroom and I quickly went to my bedroom to straighten up. I was already so hard thinking out Rachel. First my Mom sucks me off, and now this! This felt like a dream! Rachel stood outside my bedroom door, the same spot where Mom sucked me off a couple of hours earlier!"I'm ready," she said with a sexy voice. I went to her just like I did with my Mother andI pushed Rachel's long,真实处破女流血 lean body against the wall and leaned into her. She didn't have Mom's curves, but she was sexy in different ways. I ran my hand up her tight thigh and squeezed her firm ass cheeks. We kissed one another hungrily.I kissed her bare neck. I started opening her blouse. I leaned my body into her so she could feel my big, thick cock. I wanted her to beg for it.Her lacy bra clasped in the front. I opened it and took her firm little titties between my lips and sucked the babies.I put her hands on my crotch and she started rubbing my cock."Oh," she groaned. "It's so hard.""You should feel it inside you," I growled.Rachel's eyes got big.Without speaking, I spun her around so she was facing the wall. I swept her light brown hair aside and started kissing her neck and nibbling at her ear.Her skirt was impossibly tight, but I wiggle it up until her black satin panties were exposed. I started grinding my hard cock against her tiny little ass."You're making me so wet," she moaned.I curled my first two fingers up and inside her wet pussy. Rachel gasped with delight."Fuck me," she whispered."What?" I asked."Fuck me. Please. Right here. Fuck me," she pleaded.I grabbed Rachel's small hips and spun her around to our living room couch. I bent her over it. Her pale cheek rested on the soft cushions. I opened my pants and dropped them past my ass enough to get my hard erect cock out. I spread Rachel's legs and pushed her panties aside enough to get at her pussy. I twisted my hand in her brunette hair. And then I buried my hard penis inside her.Rachel moaned and whimpered as I pounded her tight cunt. I buried myself in her again and again. At first, I thought about fucking my Mom. But the sight of Rachel writhing around on my sofa pushed those images aside. Soon I could only focus on her tight little ass and sexy moans. She had to bite her own lip to keep from crying out as her pussy clenched and she started to cum.I fucked her until she finished climaxing, then I stepped back to let her catch her breath. Rachel stood up and came at me like a hungry wild animal. She pushed me back onto one of our large leather chairs beside the couch. Before I could even blink, Rachel straddled me on her knees and deep kissed me feverishly. Then she impaled herself on my cock and starting riding me like a wild bull. We went at it like animals!I sucked on her small pinky nipples as she rode my cock and moaned and groaned. She twisted and bucked her hip to rub my cock in different ways. It was my turn to moan and groan. Rachel definitely was no amateur like I had thought. She knew exactly how to get a man off. The two of us rocked in unison as we both approached orgasm. She let out a loud groan and came first. I couldn't hold any longer and followed suit by spraying my hot load into her tight wet pussy. She kept riding me until we were both finished.We drifted to sleep together with Rachel's naked body tangled around me.-8 Hours Later-I woke up with my body softly cuddling Rachel's white sexy body! Our post-sex fragrance lit up my bedroom. None of this felt real. Getting a blowjob from my own mother! And then the best sex ever with the hottest girl in the world! All in one night. My dick became hard once again just thinking about yesterday. I headed to the living room, naked, and sat down on the soft leather couch still thinking about yesterday. I was erect once again and hearing Rachel come down the hallway got me all embarrassed.But it wasn't Rachel. It was my own mother! She stood there in the end of the hallway watching as I sat on the couch nude with my 6 inch cock fully erect! I tried to cover my man-parts from her but she smiled."Embarrassed, are we?" Mom Carol said. "No need to be. I heard you and Rachel all last night. Let me help."Mom came closer to me and slowly moved my hands away so my hard cock could sprung free. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started tugging at the base. She leaned forward and licked the head of my penis.I couldn't think of any other reason to protest. My dick was clearly doing the talking by being erect.I sat stark naked on my leather couch while Mom licked me up and down until I was rigid."Do you want to see them?" Mom finally asked.I nodded enthusiastically.Mom stood up and straddled me on our couch. She pushed her tight blue denim skirt up until it was round her waist. She had on a little see-through white silky panties with a floral print. She straddled me and rubbed her hot, satin covered muff on my cock. Our eyes were locked together. She kissed several times, starting from my neck, to behind my ears and finally we locked lips."Do the honors," Mom said.I slowly unbuttoned her sweater. She had on a big white satin bra that looked like it could barely restrain those big milky titties. Mom shrugged out of the sweater and tossed it aside. My heart was racing with anticipation. All the time, she kept gently grinding her wet panties against my throbbing cock. I thought I would cum before I ever got inside her.I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her heavy titties spilled out in my face. Her nipples were hard and ready for my tongue. I sucked the left one and teased the right with my finger tips. Mom moaned softly. She rubbed her pussy harder against my dick. I felt like a high school kid dry humping his girlfriend.Mom pulled my head away from her tits and kissed me deeply. Her tongue snaked around my mouth. Her pelvis continued grinding in to me.Then she slipped to the floor again in front of me. My hard cock was already glistening from her wet panties, but she licked it up and down again. She put the tip of my long cock between her plump lips. Then she squeezed her big titties around my shaft.I couldn't prevent myself from groaning loudly as she bounced her jugs up and down my cock.It felt amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She'd bounce her globes up and down my shaft and then stop just long enough to lean down and polish my knob with her hot mouth. I knew it was only a matter of minutes until I'd cum down her throat again. I moaned louder.I couldn't even pretend to be surprised when Rachel came around the corner. I knew I was being loud. She was wearing the black panties and red satin blouse she'd worn the night before. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes looked like saucers.Mom spoke before Rachel could say a thing."This young boy's cock is too much for one woman," Mom said casually. "Why don't you get over here and help me, Rachel?"It was almost funny to watch the gears in Rachel's pretty little head turn. She was expecting us to jump or act guilty as if she'd unexpectedly caught us doing something wrong. We were doing something wrong, Mother and Son doing incest. She thought we would cover up. Instead, Mom's cool, confident demeanor and my utter indifference took her by surprise. You could see it in her pale blue eyes as she went from shocked to puzzled to somewhat curious. Finally she shrugged and smiled."This doesn't feel right," she said. "But what the hell. Just like college, right?"Part of me couldn't believe what was happening. But the other half had never doubted that Mom would pull it off. She could probably convince a prude to forget her morals. And Rachel was a long way from a prude.Rachel plopped down on the couch next to me and leaned in close. Her nipples grazed my arm through the thin satin of her blouse. She started kissing my neck. She wrapped her tiny hand around the base of my cock and tugged at it haphazardly while Mom sucked on the head."Not like that," Mom told her. "Get down here with me."Rachel slid to the floor. Mom moved aside. I was about to protest, but she gave me a quick wink."Suck his cock," Mom said.Rachel opened her tiny mouth wide and took my cock inside it. Mom got behind her and started kissing the back of her neck at the same time, just like what we see in a porn shoot, but this wasn't a porno. This was really happening! Rachel almost gagged on my big dick as Mom's hands roamed her body. She cupped Rachel's tits. Then she quickly unbuttoned Rachel's blouse and helped her out of it."Get on your hands and knees," My elderly Mom instructed the young Rachel.Rachel obeyed. She got on all fours and kept bobbing stretching her mouth over my engorged dick. Mom put her hands between Rachel's tight thighs and started rubbing her beaver through Rachel's black panties. Rachel purred with a mouthful of my cock. She turned back to gaze at my Mother, Carol."Don't stop," Mom said. "Focus on him."Rachel went back to sucking my pipe. Mom grabbed Rachel's little panties and wiggled them off her tight ass. She put a hand between Rachel's leg and rubbed her furry muff. Rachel purred again. And then Mom slid her fingers in Rachel's tight cunt.Rachel gasped as Mom slowly finger-fucked her. I couldn't take my eyes off the action. I put a hand on the back of Rachel's head and pushed more of my cock into her mouth. She took it effortlessly. I started bucking my hips up to fuck her face. Mom continued to fuck her pussy.Rachel steadied herself with one hand and jacked the base of my cock with another. I started moaning loudly again. I watched her lips slide up and down my shaft. Then I watched Mom's big tits bounce up and down as she rhythmically buried her fingers into Rachel's cunt.My body trembled and I groaned "I'm cumming!" as I exploded into Rachel's awaiting mouth! I'd lost track of how many different times I'd already cum yesterday but My load was still massive. Rachel took every drop of it of my sweet white nectar cum in her small mouth. Mom started pounding Rachel even harder. Rachel moaned and grunted as Mom brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, Rachel climaxed. She wailed with delight. She buried her face in the couch between my thighs as her body shuddered.She turned to my Mom when it was over. Her eyes were wild with lust. It was the same look she'd given me right before caving in last night. "Take off your skirt," Rachel now instructed my Mommy with a husky voice.Mom smiled and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor."Come to bed with me," Rachel said.Rachel led the way down the hall with Carol's hand in her own. I quickly got up and followed. They stopped only long enough for Mom to shimmy out of her soaked panties. And then the two of them were in my bed rolling around. They kissed each other lips, necks, and tits. I stood by willing my dick to get hard again as the two women played with each other. Mature and young woman going at it like cats and dogs.They ended up face to face on the bed. Their titties rubbed together as they kissed. Each woman had her hands in the other woman's slit.It was obvious that Rachel was no novice when it came to pleasing other women. Mom whimpered and moaned as Rachel thumbed her clit and fingered her furry mound. I couldn't decide if I was more turned on or jealous. I wanted to be the one making Mom whimper.I started stroking my cock.Mom was close to cumming, but before it happened she pushed Rachel away. Rachel rolled on to own back. Mom spread Rachel's long legs and got between them. Her face disappeared in Rachel's thighs.Rachel writhed back and forth in the sheets. Mom fingered and licked Rachel's snatch. Her round ass wiggled in the air. When Rachel came for a second time, I knew I couldn't wait any longer.As Rachel squeezed her thighs around Mom's head, I climbed in the bed. I rubbed my hand over Mom's wet twat. She turned to face me and winked. Then turned back to Rachel."Should I let him fuck me?" Mom asked Rachel.Rachel nodded.Mom rested her head on Rachel's tits as I held her hips. I was about to fuck my mother!!! I slowly slid my once again hard cock into her tight pussy. Mom fit me like a glove.We both gasped with pleasure as I slowly started fucking my Mom. It was like everything in the past 24 hours had been building up to that moment. Her big titties swung back and forth like pendulums as I pounded that pussy, the same pussy that gave birth to me years ago. I loved the sound of her moaning my name."Fuck me. Please, fuck me hard," Mom commanded and pleaded from me.I drove my cock into her with everything I had. Her knees started shaking as she cried out and came for the first time.I rolled her over and threw both of her legs over my shoulder. Rachel sucked on her big titties as I jack hammered Mom's pussy again.Mom was a screamer. And that only made me hornier. My balls slapped against her pussy as I buried my dick again and again. Her titties bounced wildly. It's like Rachel was no longer in the room. It was just the two of us, and I was dying to get Mom off again before I came.Her body started twisting and shaking and I knew she was close. I fucked her harder. Her pussy was so tight it felt like I was being milked. She gasped and cried out again as she came for a second time.I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Rachel started licking the pussy juice off my cock. Mom followed suit."I'm going to suck you until you cum," Mom said.I shook my head."I want you riding my cock when I cum," I said to Mom.She didn't put up an argument. Mom straddled me and impaled herself on my pole. She arched her back and let her titties bounce wildly as she rode me like a cowgirl. I knew at any moment I would cum inside her pussy, my Mom's unprotected and awaiting pussy.I slapped her ass and she rode me harder. She rubbed her own clit frantically. I grabbed at her tits and twisted her nipples. It's impossible to say who started first. In a matter of minutes, we were both cumming. I shot my load up inside Mom as her pussy quivered from her own orgasm. We collapsed in a heap, with Rachel there to kiss and touch us both.We each had another go of getting Rachel off after we'd recovered. Then she split and left me and Mom alone for the morning. And we fucked all day.


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