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    our signal亚洲中文字幕无码中字

    Our first venture into our fetish was a success. We wanted more.Reg and I talked it over and decided a couple would be fun. We looked through the personal contact site and marked several. Most turned out to be just couples wanting to swap partners. Not quite what we wanted. Then we found a couple who looked promising. It was actually the husband who had posted and wanted his wife to be tied up and used by another woman while he watched. Reg was very luke-warm on the idea but I assured him we could use the husband’s ideas to our advantage. I contact him and sent a photo of just me naked leaving out my head. I instantly got a response. He was on board.As he thought it was only me I told Reg to hide until I had them tied up. It was a Thursday night and the next day was a public holiday so it was perfect. I arranged for them to arrive at 8pm and Reg remained out of sight. Eric and Greta arrived right on time. After introducing myself I led them to the “play room”. Eric was looking around, obviously wondering if it was just me. When Eric saw the room and how it was fitted out he got very excited. Greta seemed to be just doing this to please him. She didn’t appear to be into it. Never mind, I certainly was.I told Eric to sit in a chair facing the X on the wall. I told him I would tie him up first. He hesitated and whispered “it is just to ease Greta’s mind” and he nodded. I handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied a rope around his middle. Greta chuckled and started to kiss him. The chuckling stopped when I told her undress. I assured her she had nothing to fear and Eric was urging her on. Finally she stripped off and I tied her wrists and ankles to the X. I stood behind Eric. “Look at that beautiful woman” I said “she is now my captive. What should I do to her?” He looked and smiled “like I said, I want you to make out with her”. “Would you like that Greta” I said “would you like your husband to watch while I pleasure you”. She looked panicked. So she should have been.I walked up to her and kissed, forcing my tongue into her mouth. “Oh you don’t like that” I said “so let’s seal that mouth so it doesn’t happen again. Grabbed the ball gag I fitted it “there honey, is that better” I said. I then began to pull on her nipples. They were already swollen but I made them more so. I then fitted the nipple clamps and she gave muffled squeals. I turned to Eric. “Does she look sexy now?” I asked him. He was smiling from ear to ear. I began to undress and he gave a little moan as he stared at me. I walked up to Greta. “I am so horny darling” I whispered “I want some pussy” and squatted down and began to finger her pussy and rub her clit. At first she struggling and kept saying no but by the time I pushed three fingers into her pussy she had surrendered. “Look Eric” I said turning around “she likes having her pussy finger-fucked.I stood up and smiled at her. “I think I want to play with Eric now” I said. I walked over and pushed my fingers into his mouth. He sucked them. “Does she taste nice?” I asked and he nodded furiously. I went back, got on my knees and began to lick Greta’s pussy and clit. She started struggling again but this time it was with pleasure. She gave several muffled moans and then a groan as she orgasmed. If she thought it was over she was wrong. It had only just begun. I went back to Eric and kissed him, my lips covered in his wife’s cum. He licked his lips and laughed. “You are so bad” he said “make her cum again”. “Oh she will honey but first I want to play with you” and I unbuttoned his shirt. I raked my fingernails over his chest. He moaned. “See how he likes it Greta” I said “see how he sucked your pussy juice off of my fingers. He is such a naughty boy”.Reg had been standing on the other side of the door. That was our code, our signal, for him to enter the room. Greta gave a muffled scream as he entered, already naked and with his cock rock hard. “What is going on?” yelled Eric. “Well my darling” I said “I am going to let you watch as my husband fucks your wife. Won’t that be fun?” “That wasn’t the deal” he yelled. “Well it might not have been your deal but we have other ideas”. I then walked around and knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down just enough to reveal his cock already erect. I began to stroke it as he struggled but he was tied to the chair and wasn’t going anywhere.Meanwhile Reg went to the draw and took out the penis extension. Putting it on,再用点力很快就出来了 he asked Greta if she liked it. His 7” cock was now 10”. “No” squealed Eric but he immediately moaned as I went down on him, taking his 6” cock balls deep in my mouth. I started to suck him and all pretence of resistance disappeared. Meanwhile Reg had walked up to Greta and fondled her boobs and rubbed her pussy. “Wow babe she is so wet” he exclaimed. Dipping down slightly he began to force his enhanced cock into her. She again gave muffled screams which seemed to get less urgent as he began to fuck her. I stopping sucking and turned around. It was obviously that far from resisting she was now enjoying it. “Take the ball gag off honey” I said “let’s hear her”.I returned to licking Eric’s cock and balls. He had dropped all pretense and was now moaning and muttering obscenities. In the background I could hear Greta moaning. “Oh shit” she wailed “faster, fuck me faster and deeper”. Reg must have done as she wanted as she screamed as he humped her furiously. “Yes, oh fuck yes” she said over and over. It was too much for me. I jumped onto Eric’s lap and his cock slid into my pussy. While he nibbled my nipples I bounced up and down and rode him to the finish line. I kept bouncing up and down until he went limp. Reg wasn’t about to go limp with the extension fitted and finally Greta told him to stop. Of course he made her beg before he did. He then pulled off the extension and he finished off buried in her pussy.We untied them and I saw Greta French kissing Reg. “That was so good” she gasped. I led her to the bathroom and showered with her. She no longer resisted and in fact hugged me as we kissed. Afterwards we got on the bed and spent time enjoying a 69 while Eric had a shower and then played with his cock while he watched Greta and I get each other off. They left and Reg, who had refitted the extension, showed me why Greta had surrendered so readily. It felt so big I decided we had to use it regularly. Discussing the night’s activities we decided that we should do it more often. We slept soundly that night.The next morning we were brought back to reality when Marge rang to say she had a job for me on Sunday. She didn’t go into details but I assumed I was to be used and abused. She also said Reg was invited as he had enjoyed other “activities” I had been involved with. My pussy trembled as I thought about what I was going to do. Whatever it was I was ready. The blackmail didn’t really worry me anymore. The thought of being used in some way was what got me excited.