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    Cindy squirts亚洲综合精品伊人久久

    Sam, a senior marketing executive at a major bank, navigates through the crowded train platform.Sam is a 32 year old busty brunette with stunning green eyes and long, sensual lashes. Thanks to her assets, she pushes past hundreds of bodies to finally get onto her train and make her way home for the evening without much trouble.By the time everyone has shoved their way into the carriage, Sam is right in the centre of the throng, with barely any room to move.At this time of night, she knows she’ll be stuck in this spot for at least the next 30 minutes before her stop.As the train pulls away from the station, she looks up from her iPhone, immediately locking eyes with a young blonde, who couldn’t be older than 22.This blonde is slim, petite, but from Sam’s cursory glance downward, she has a perfect pair of tits. Not too big, not too small.Just the way Sam likes them.Others around them are facing in the opposite direction, looking at their phones.It is just Sam and the blonde, staring at one another, undressing each other with their eyes. Speaking without speaking.Sam reaches her free hand up, and brazenly, slowly brushes it across the blonde girls sumptuous lips.The girl doesn’t move. She just looks Sam right in the eye, opens up her gorgeous mouth and sucks Sam’s finger, sliding her tongue along its length.Sam is half unbelieving at what is happening, half turned on.The train comes to a fast stop and the crowd sways.The blonde leans in and whispers in Sam’s ear “I’m Cindy.I’ve prepped your finger.Now use it.”Sam’s pussy starts to pulse. Hard. This young bitch telling her what to do.Surrounded by all these people on the train who could turn around and see what they are doing to each other at any second.It’s all such a turn on. She looks down and Cindy has spread her legs where she stands, one hand is down there, clearly holding back her panties, waiting for Sam’s finger.Sam trails her already wet finger up the dirty blonde’s inner thigh.As she does, she touches juices that have begun seeping out of Cindy’s slick wet pussy and down the horny slut’s leg.Upon she reaching the prize, Sam doesn’t wait.She pulls Cindy close and in one swift motion, grabs the back of the young girl’s hair and plunges her two fingers deep inside Cindy’s sopping wet slit while whispering in her ear “Take me inside your tight cunt you dirty slut”. Cindy moans in delight and while Sam swiftly smothers her mouth with her hand, it’s too late - someone has taken notice.An older woman, somewhere in her early 40’s with brown hair, blue eyes and a striking bob cut turns around at the sound.Everyone else is still on autopilot.Sam can’t see the woman, but Cindy can.And she is one, horny little slut that can’t get enough attention. She lifts up her skirt for the older woman, licks her big lips and spreads her puffy cunt lips aside with her two middle fingers, showcasing Sam’s finger as it deftly finger fucks her own tight twat.The older woman smiles at Cindy.She writes something on her phone and turns it around for Cindy to see.It says “I’m Joan.I want to film you”.Cindy nods weakly as she keeps thrusting her pussy against Sam’s deft fingers as they stroke her engorged g-spot.Joan moves up behind Sam and slides one hand around Sam’s waist and up to her breast.Sam doesn’t even flinch.She looks behind her briefly just to check who it is and feeling satisfied with the result, returns her focus to Cindy.Joan, rips back Sam’s top, one of Sam’s breasts now exposed to the cool air as Joan kneads it and pulls at the nipple with one hand, while her holding phone in the other. Joan flips on the phone camera in Periscope and points it right at Cindy’s wet vagina.She’s now filming the whole scene, live.Anyone in the world can watch it.And what neither Cindy nor Sam know, is that when Joan is not the acting CEO of a major electronics company, she is an avid lifestyle swinger with a penchant for younger women and a following of over 10,000 periscope porn users.450 viewers from around the world are now online, watching the delectable scene as it plays out in front of them, live. Periscope messages of appreciation are coming in hard and fast. “Lick her cunt for us” one says. “Stick a finger up her asshole” says another.With the camera pointed right at her up and close, Cindy can see just how many people are watching her right now and what they’re asking for, and she wants to give them a real show. She grabs Sam by the nipple that is now exposed to the cool air in the train thanks to Joan’s fondling, and pulls Sam roughly toward her.“Eat my fucking cunt you filthy whore”, Cindy rasps in Sam’s ear. Cindy pushes Sam down roughly toward her sopping snatch.Sam wastes no time. As Sam’s tongue touches Cindy’s clit, Cindy squirts, just a little, right into Sam’s open mouth. Strings of pussy juice hang from Sam’s tongue as she laps up every drop. 450 live periscope viewers have now jumped to over 1,000. The video shows Cindy’s pussy, swaying as the carriage sways on its trip, Sam’s mouth sucking furiously on her clit, every so often sticking her tongue as far into Cindy’s tight hole as she can manage and of course the legs of other passengers just in the background, completely unaware of the completely pornographic scene happening just centimeters from where they are standing.The Periscope live feed is suddenly interrupted by a voice overhead. “This train is now arriving at Gemini Station, all passengers please change trains here”.Sam removes her juice soaked mouth from Cindy’s pussy, Cindy attempts to recover and pulls her skirt down, Joan keeps the feed live for the Periscope crowd currently watching.She knows every single one of them needs an ending, and they’re going to get it.As the throng begins to exit the train she grabs Cindy and Sam’s hand and guides them out while they recover, pussy’s pulsing and desperately wanting more.Joan whispers to them both “I know a place.”That’s all Joan needs to say.Both Cindy and Sam fall neatly into line behind her.2 minutes later they’re all walking up the stairs of Joan’s apartment.Joan has an amazing chic apartment overlooking a beautiful green courtyard.Once upstairs, no time is wasted and as it’s Joan’s place, it’s clear that Joan is now in charge of the situation. A beautiful large bed sits just in front of a huge glass window that overlooks the courtyard. Joan sets the phone camera up on a tripod toward the bed, and plugs it in to a large double screen that all three of them can see.On one screen, Sam and Cindy can see the crowd feedback (now numbering over 3,000). On the other, four cameras show an image of all three of them from every angle, now seated on the bed.Without another word, Cindy, her perfect chest heaving with desire, crawls over to Sam, and roughly rips off her business pencil skirt.She looks down at the Sam’s panties which are completely soaked through.Sam is so turned on, all she wants to do is show her sopping snatch to Cindy and watch the young blonde cream herself.Sam slowly peels back the fabric of her panties to reveal her puffy,曰批全过程免费视频播放 red, raw cunt. Sam’s breathing continues to quicken, as she uses her fingers to slow spread her cunt lips wide open for Cindy and Joan, a squirt of juice seeps out from her pink hole.Cindy squeals with delight. “Let’s both fuck her Joan – look how fucking badly the slut wants it”.“OK”, Joan response huskily, thinking of all the different ways she could fuck this ripe, plump pussy.Joan scans out the window and can see her plan is working.Periscope isn’t just broadcasting their video, it is broadcasting their location.As it grows dark outside, a group of horny women have gathered on the bench in the courtyard, looking from their phones, to the open window and back.One has begun to stroke another’s leg.Anticipating the show to really start.Joan brings a big round pillow onto the bed and asks Sam to sit herself up on it, legs spread, facing right out the window toward the small group and one of the cameras.Sam is almost delirious with anticipation now, as Joan and Cindy stand in front of her, but not yet touching her.She barely registers the women in the courtyard below, two of whom are now reaching underneath their skirts, fingering themselves slowly at the scene before them.Cindy speaks first, pulling out one breast and licking the tip of her own nipple while it instantly hardens -“I say we fuck her one stroke at a time with our tits”.Joan nods her head in agreement and they both get down on their knees in front of Sam’s splayed legs.Both of their breasts bursting out of their tops, their nipples hard as rock from the good sucking they’ve given to the tips, readying them for the task. Sam grabs both her legs with her hands and pulls them back as far as they’ll go, looking down the length of her body to see two beautiful sets of breasts dangling in front of her.The heat coming off her pussy is so intense she can actually see her own clit quivering.Joan starts first, she moves in, holding her own breast as she flicks it from the bottom of Sam’s sopping slit to the very top and then begins to rub it fast and hard over Sam’s clit.Sam’s body immediately begins to shake “Ugggghh fuck Joan, fuck me with your fucking tit, ohhhhh oohhhhhh shit that feels so good.Harder! Fuck me harder!!”.But Joan is a tease. She pulls away and let’s Cindy in for her turn.Cindy takes her own breast, pushes Sam’s legs back even further and then shoves it deep into Sam’s open hole.Sam’s eyes glaze over as she is lost in ecstasy.Cindy takes her juice soaked breast and pops it into Joan’s ravenous mouth.Then back into Cindy for another deep stroke, then out again to suck it off herself.And one more time, back into Cindy’s fuck hole again, pulling it out and then tracing the mess of slick juices up Sam’s body and into Sam’s own mouth.“You like the taste of your own dirty fucking pussy don’t you Sam?” Cindy asks, “Uggghh oh fuck yes Cindy” Sam manages to reply.“You want some more you filthy slut?” Cindy asks “Oh god yes, fuck me with it again” Sam pleads. “Tell me how much of a slut you are and I’ll consider it” Cindy demands. “I’m a filthy fucking whore.I’m your slut, your fucking slut I’ll do whatever you want me to do.Please just fuck me.”“You want to be really fucked Sam?” Joan interjects. Sam nods weakly. “OK then” Joan says, carefully undressing herself, and then helping Cindy to remove the rest of her clothes.Sam throws off her top and now all three are completely naked and ready to finish.“Cindy, I want you to take Sam over to the window and get her to press her cunt up against it” Joan orders.Cindy grabs Sam and with the bed pressed right up to the glass it’s quite easy.Sam spreads her legs and Cindy gets behind her.Next, Sam spreads her cunt lips and puts them right up to the window.She looks down in shock.Outside, two pairs of the now ten women in the courtyard have begun tribbing each other hard and fast on either side of the bench seat. Nobody cares who is looking anymore, they’ve gone too far already.The rest remain glued to the window, watching the filthy trio above them and taking photos while wildly fingering their own sopping holes.“Now Cindy, sit down on Sam’s cunt”, Joan barks.Cindy obeys without a word.She stands up on the bed, spreads her own legs and pussy lips wide apart, and then slowly lowers herself down onto Sam’s swollen clit.Both Sam and Cindy sigh in unison as their clit heads connect, juices seeping between them.Now in position, Cindy begins to rock back and forth.They moan softly at first and then grow louder as they move faster and faster now.“Mmmmmm, oooohhgghh, ffffucccckkyeah”Both Sam and Cindy breathing fast and completely unable to control their wails of pleasure.Sam’s pussy is completely and utterly exposed, Cindy has grabbed both of Sam’s legs, using them to propel her own cunt back and forth as she grinds it across the sopping wet snatch beneath her. “Oh fuck Cindy, fuck me harder with your fucking clit you dirty fucking whore”, Sam moans with pleasure from below.Their cunts rubbing hard and fast, Joan knows there isn’t much time left before they cum all over each other.She makes sure she has her phone out, providing a fifth camera angle close up.Juice is squirting all over the lens, and the live feed stream is going crazy with thousands of people from all over the world cumming in their own rooms to the scene. In one final step, as Cindy and Sam move into a scissoring position and continue to trib hard and fast, Joan maneuvers herself between them.She faces toward Cindy and then lowers herself down onto Sam’s rock hard nipple, using it as a big flopping dick against her filthy cunt hole.“aaaaaahhh fuck yes” she sighs in relief as the wave of pleasure hits her too.Then she bends down and begins to lick the two pussy mounds as they squelch against once another, flicking her tongue back and forth on both clits, reaching her arm around and grabbing Cindy’s beautiful tight bottom before slipping her finger into the young girl’s tight asshole.Cindy squeals in delight “Ah fuck! Finger my fucking asshole Joan, finger it hard.” As she fucks the cunt in front of her while banging back hard against Joan’s finger going as deep into her asshole as it can go.Joan can’t last any longer, as she looks up at screen and sees their three bodies writhing in ecstasy. She goes over the edge, “Oh my God I’m going to cum you filthy fucking whores. I want your slut juices all over me. Ahhhh afhhagjjgjgjjuhhh fuck ohhhh mmy godddd I’m cummmming”Joan squirts a big trail of juice all over Sam nipple.Sam looks down at the gorgeous sight and as she licks the cum of her breast and continues to feel the rhythmic squelching of Cindy’s young cunt on her own, her pussy spasms in her own wave of orgasms, one after the other.Sam’s pulsing, twitching cunt during orgasm against her own clit and Joan’s finger filling up her asshole send Cindy over the edge too “OOohhhh, ooohhh fill me up, oohhh shit I’m gonna fucking squirt all over you both, ohhahhahahahhhhhhh”.Cindy squirts a jet stream of cunt juice all over Joan’s face and Sam’s spent body.


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