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    So how do I explain myself usually when you think of pegging stories you think of guys fantasising about it not a woman like me and certainly not a young girl like me, im 19 now but this story happened when I was 18. My name is EveIm short at 5’7 from Manchester, England im naturally a brown haired girl but as I like the gothiclolita style I dye my hair raven black. Im not particularly busty id say my best feature is my bum its usually the thing guys comment on i guess. They say it sticks out a bit. I guess I like Anime and the goth style art that goes with it i mention this purely cause it kinda explains where i got into this fetish. I discovered hentai comics on the web and i was searching for ones where the girl takes the lead. One of the earliest ones I came across was one called secret plot if you haven't read them its about two horny female teachers having sex with their pupils and one in particular where she makes a pupil suck the tip of his abnormally (it is anime) large penis she teases him a little then licks his ass, she then makes him ejaculate in his own mouth by sticking her fingers in his ass.At first I was kinda confused but really turned on by what i was seeing. I remember cumming a couple of times to that image. I read the others and later in the same series one of the teachers meets a student who is cross dressing. She then uses a double ended dildo to fuck herself and his ass this was cool to me she was dominating him and doing the fucking i was so used to the idea of the gender norms where the boy has to be the one in charge of the girl if that makes sense. By this time id had lost my virginity and had a couple of meaningless relationships something felt like it was missing with the boys i was with. My parents were well off enough and had bought me a flat in town so i can attend university without needing to go into student dorms. They did warn me that should they have guests over i might have to let them stay in my spare room which happened occasionally usually my dads work acquaintances but sometimes family too.Its at this point my cousin Adam comes into the picture. My mother asked if I would mind Adam staying in my flat for his last year of uni as his flatmates had all finished ahead of him by a year and he needed a place to stay. It wasn't a hard choice Adam was a quiet boy always had been but an unaware dreamboat imo. Tall dark athletic he was studying sports psychology. I guess I can honestly admit to being really attracted to him from the off but i knew he was a cousin and that was kinda a barrier.He was lovely really very quiet but always wanted to know i was safe when i went on nights out and even waited up to make sure i got home ok. He didn't seem to go out himself. By this time I had mostly discovered my fetish and its names I was into light femdom and especially i was into the idea of making guys cum through pegging. I was never into whips, chains and gimp masks i kinda just wanted to gentle fuck a guys ass… I know its complicated to understand and very specific. I had my favourite vids, storys and online groups where people would discuss it all.What I didn't know is that Adam had inadvertently discovered all this when he used our computer I was really naïve when it came to computers I didn't know about search histories and whatnot so when i left it logged in and Adam took the chance to read his emails he discovered most of what i was into. Credit to him he never mentioned anything to me or anyone else. He told me later he was at first confused about it all thinking it was someone else's computer but once he discovered the reddit account he read about my fantasies and my frustration about finding a partner and that's how it stood until i came home and Adam was drunk, like really drunk.Adam - Hey Eve you alright!Eve - Uh… im fine are you ok! You seem drunk?! That's not like youAdam - Sorry (he always was apologising) I decided I needed a drink to.. Uh relax i guess.. Exams you know..Eve - Yeah i get it, no need to apologies Adam proves your humanSaying this seemed to upset him a little Adam - I am human, he smiled, It just im shy. It sucks I never meet friends because of it never mind girls.This was the most he’d ever spoken about himself I knew i had a chance to dig a little deeperEve - Sorry I didn't mean to upset you, why are you so shy,Adam - *Shrugs* pause sometimes i wish i was like you. Your so outgoing you know what you want and try and take it. Me I gotta hope someone guesses what I want. You know a girl that just gets me.Eve - You really think I'm like that? I said poutingAdam - I don't mean it like its a bad thing some guys like their girl to be uh.. Dominant.Eve - *giggles nervously* Sounds kinky, not entirely wrong I guess but I'm not out to completely dominate a guy I kind of want it to be part of a loving kinda thing.. You know.Adam - I get you more than you know..That comment perplexed me slightly i decided he was flirting with me and if im honest i was gonna take a chance on it i stepped up to him really close Eve- Do you like the idea of me dominating you. I said with my best smouldering smileHe genuinely look scared, up close to his face i could feel his breath on meAdam- but… were cousins… im not sure This was not a no i noticed, i was really enjoying this and i had the first frill of knowing I had controlEve- well.. I said putting my hand on his neck… sometimes its good for cousins to experiment together, it’d be good practice for you eh?Adam just looked at me for a second mouth slightly open Adam- are you teasing meEve- only slightly This is when I kissed him for the first time he didn't even try and resist and to my surprise he was a great kisser. When we finally parted I put my finger to his lips and askedEve- You ok if I just take charge?Adam- Yeah you can dominate me..Eve- I like that thought.I knew i was gonna give him a blowjob I was pretty good at them and i loved the feeling of controlling his orgasm. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the sofa and sat him in the middle. I stood up and took my top off and my bra, He shyly looked at my naked top half then away then back then up to my eyes It was such a thrill and i could tell i was dripping wet and briefly i thought about straddling him right then and there but I kinda decided to get to that later.I kneeled down grabbed his gym shorts I tugged them down his cock sprung out and the first thing I noticed wasn't the size it was shaved. I loved it Adam always shaved his body hair due to his athletics course he said he though body hair was kind of gross with all the sweat. I instantly wondered what his ass looked like but again i was gonna show patience. His cock was about 7 inches nothing dramatic but it was thicker than the ones id seen. Eve- that's one hell of a thick looking cock you have, i love that you shave that too.Adam was struggling to look at me he was bright red in the face thoughI gently blew air over his tip and his balls just to extend the time with him being out in the wind he let out a little moan and his brow furrowed and he leaned back slightly looking at the ceiling and anywhere but at me. I decided this was adorable but i knew he wanted to watch and to be honest the idea if him watching me while he was reluctant turned me on.Eve- Adam?Adam - Yeah…Eve- I expect you to watch me do this ok? Keep your eyes on me as best you can ok…Adam forced himself to look at me and even gave a imperceptible nod i loved that he was shy but obeying me so i slowly keeping my eye on his at first made my way to his balls i stuck out my tongue and started to flick the bigger of the two then the other i took one into my mouth and gave it a suckle. At this his eyes melted and he involuntarily moaned. I wondered what noises he would make if i went a little lower and licked his asshole but again I restrained myself. I moved to the base of his shaft and licked all the way up to his tip.Eve- You like? Adam - God yesEve- you want more?Adam - please (I liked that)Eve- you want me to suck on it?Adam- Yes…. m..m...istress (the last bit was said under his breath but i caught it)I gave the tip a good long lick using my hand to stroke his foreskin back Eve - Mistress eh? I like that you deserve a reward… Adam Layback and cum when you are readyNow this is the only time I've ever done this before id, given blowjobs as part of foreplay before but this time i was determined to make him cum in my mouth. I would normally tease and try and make him enjoy it for a while but this time as I sucked the tip into my mouth to gauge the size i was going to show him no mercy. I took his thick cock all the way to the bottom of his shaft I felt it hit the back of my throat about the same time. I felt his head hit the back of the sofa as he reclined back with a moan. I began to bob my head slipping on hand down to one of my nipples which was really turned out then under my skirt to play with myself through my drenched panties. It was great I could feel him pulsing in my throat in no time and holding back his cum. It really took no time and I was sure it wont take long to break his resistance. A naughty part of me wanted to stop just to see his face and maybe see if he would beg but it was to much more tempting to force his ejaculation. And it came with a bit of a muted warning from AdamAdam - I'm really close.This made me double my effort and i was rewarded with a load into my mouth which i swallowed with pride. The salty musty taste was enjoyable to me, I licked it all up and enjoyed the fact he looked so spent. Eve- Ok stay where you are, i said taking off my panties but my long striped socks (black and white) were still on and i kept my skirt on. I smiled at him Eve- your turn Adam. As i stepped onto the couch and kneeled over his face he looked at my shaven pussy my only regret was i couldn't see his reaction for my skirt but there was a second and then I felt his face come up to meet my hole he pressed his tongue against it and i bore down trying to get as much in there as possible I was already pretty close from rubbing Eve - mmmmmhff that's good lick my pussy like a good boy Adam.He pulled his tongue out and that was momentarily disappointing but he began moved up my slit towards my swollen clit my breath caught at he circled it.Eve- Hey no teasing it Adam get to itI felt a breath on me as he clearly smiled at my order and he got stuck into swirling around my clit with his tongue i was close and then he surprised me again as i ground against his face he brought up a finger from underneath to enter me… Adam was good at this within less than a minute i was bucking my hips in an intense orgasm. I climbed off his face smiling my ass off.Eve- God that was good Adam…?Adam- You love being dominant, i love it too. Eve- If only you knew haha you’d probably run a mileAdam- Eve… uh i need to tell you something. I saw your stuff on the computer the other week there. I mean by accident you left yourself logged inI looked up at him at first dumbfounded then I kinda needed to know what he knew… I mean he is a member of my family.Adam- At first i was confused I thought it was maybe someone else's thoughts then i saw your reddit posts. Oh… don't worry “he picked up on my thoughts” I wont tell. I guess im saying I liked what I read. He was getting redder saying it. I suppose the admission was a big thing for him as big as his discovery was for me.Eve- All of it?Adam- I definitely get turned on from being dominated slightly I'm also not into all the super S and M stuff that comes with it but you know the other stuff I wasn't sure at first but the more I looked the more I thought I might be… you know… i guess id need to try it to find out… some guys like it some find it not for them.There it was the longest amount of words Adam had ever said to me and it mostly a ramble about it maybe possibly wanting to try but stuff. I was delighted. Eve- but were cousinsAdam- I guess cousins do experiment. I smiled at him throwing my words back at me, he was right as well. The thought of me fucking Adam and his face begging to cum really sparked in my mind. At this point i noticed he was hard again.Eve- well lets find out turn overAdam looked up in askance unsure what I was askingEve- get up on all fours and face that wayI removed my skirt I didn't have a strap on but I wanted to roleplay a little. Adam did as he was asked shyly still unsure what i had in mind. I move to stand behind him my skin around my crotch hard up against his ass. I used my hands to feel his skin up his back and back down towards his hips.Eve- so Adam you want me to try fucking you like this?As i said this i grabbed his hips an pulled him towards me, again i had no dildo but just the feeling of my flesh slapping against his was a massive turn on for us both. Adam- yes mistress Eve- you think you could cum hands freeAdam- I don't knowI pushed and pulled him back and fourth making that slapping noiseEve- I think when we buy a strapon were gonna have to find out huh?I gave his ass a spank and i was intending on giving him a rimjob but Adam spokeAdam- Mistress i bought ahhhh…. Uh…*Spank*Eve- Speak up honeyAdam- Butt plugs…. I bought some to try…This was a welcome revelation as you can imagine i immediately asked where they were and then grabbed his hand and took him to his bedroom to continue this.Adam- I've not used them yet, I'm not sure how.Eve- You have lube? Adam- yeah and pulled out a bottle.Eve- can i put one in you?Adam- I guess. Eve- ok lay down on your front, yeah like that now i want you to spread your cheeks.Adam went red in the face but did as he was told Eve- wow you have done a great job getting all the hairs, your asshole is beautiful.Adam- Th-thanksI put the plug to one side and the lube. I lowered myself to his cheeks gave them a little kiss to give him the idea of what was gonna happen. Eve- pucker up big guyShe was amused when Adam tensed his hole and wondered if he had meant to do it or was it just a reaction to the realization but it didn't stop her as she first kissed him directly flush on his shut hole he moaned a little so she tongued around the wrinkly hole.Eve- relax honey. Let me inAdam with a clear effort relaxed his sphincter and Eve immediately started to lick around the rim for a bit she could feel Adam squirming under her.Eve- You like?Adam- It tickles but I kinda like it.Eve meantime had grabbed the bottle of lube and the smaller of the plugs. Ok now relax honey lets see how it reacts to this the lube went around his hole first i was a little cold at first but he didn't complain. I pressed the tip up against itEve- Any pain and i will back off and try again later just relax.No such worries it went right in Eve- well how does it feelAdam- I can feel it holding me open.. Feels like I could push it out if I wanted…its not soreEve- you think we try a bigger one.Adam- Sure Eve- Well lets see you push that one out first thenAdam reddened but then she could see it push out his anusEve- god Adam your greatEve- i think this oneAdam looked it was the second biggest Adam- Sure… if you think… it’ll fitEve- I'm sure you can take it honey.Eve lubed up the bigger plug not sure herself if this would go in but boundaries were to be tested. She began to put the tip in but saw Adam had tensed up.Eve- Oh relax honey open your ass to me you know you want to.Adam with an effort of will loosened up and eve began to push it in it went in slowly at first and then past a halfway his ass swallowed the rest. Adam - ugh! Oh that weirdEve- told you, you could take it. How's it feel?Adam - Wider and i feel full? Does that make sense? Its not a bad feeling. When it was halfway in it felt like i needed a poop for a sec but it feels ok.Eve- cool can you get on all fours for meAgain Adam obeyed I think he was curious about how it would feel himself as he arose his face expression changed and he let out a little gasp.Eve- You ok big guy?Adam- yeah for a sec there it felt really like aaaahh. Pressure on a good spot… I guess.Eve grabbed his cock pleased it was still hardEve- wow your rock hard,夜夜躁天天躁很很躁 i heard many boys don't stay erect during this stuff.Adam- Its weird its meant as a complement but I find it hard to take it Adam smiled at the last part. Eve began stroking his cock then pulled out the plug slowly Adam gave a jolt when she got it halfway out the pushed it back in and moaned a bit. Eve made a decision.Eve - turn over big guyAdam as always did as he was told getting used to the sensations of the big plug inside one on his back Eve gave him a kiss and then moved back down to the plug this time pulling it all out slowly and watching his face whilst she did so. She loved it when his brow furrowed and his jaw opened. She began to suck on the tip of his cock again. Then she grabbed the lube again and put some over two fingers. Adam knew what was about to happen and automatically lifted his legs to allow access. Eve smiled from ear to ear at this.Eve- Good boy, imma try and find that prostate spot they talk about.Adam relaxed again to allow her access after a few moments he fingers were in all the way. It was like a funny game of marco polo as she searched. When she touched it she had it and Adam moaned with pleasure at it but it felt just our of reach.Eve- its there i just cant reach it with my fingers…. Oh well i guess we will need to try something else. Move up the bed a bit.Adam moved up eve slowly straddled him allowing him to enter her even with him penetrating her she was in charge and he loved it she stopped for a second and put the smaller plug back in. with her back on top it kind felt like he was bearing down on it and then she removed it and put in the bigger one.. That was something else it was the first time he was having the sensation of being fucked occasionally it would touch the spot. Eve grabbed Adams hands and encouraged him to fondle her boobs she raised her hand to her hair and let him go at it she was enjoying it.Eve- suck on my tits Adam there's a good boyAdam immediately obliged whilst one hand dropped to her butt he helped her go up and down on his cock he sucked on her red nipples as she moaned with pleasure all the while that plug was doing work on his ass. Adam had to admit this was easily the best sex he had ever had not that he was experienced. Adam- Eve I'm gonna cum Eve- Not inside this time… She stopped got off started to lick his tip whilst jerking off with one hand and without warning she grabbed the plug and began playing with it. Adam came all over her face in what was the biggest orgasm he had ever had. Eve for her part let it cover her mouth and face loving every part of it….She grabbed a towel and cleaned herself. Eve- Well how was it.Adam- I loved it, I wouldn't mind trying it… you know your pegging thing He blushed the biggest amount he had and could feel his face burningEve smiled- Well if were gonna lets do it properly. Would you mind uh… wearing a cage this week.Adam- I can do it on days and nights I'm not at uni which to be honest isn't much. He was only scheduled 2 lectures that week one of which he was already planning on ditching.Eve ok I'll buy the strapon and some more plugs. Can you buy the uh… vitamins and things that help men get a massive load…That conversation was a whole thing for Adam but he bought a few he had looked into the science behind it he never know but apparently there are certain things porn stars take to produce more sperm.The next day he was caged up. You would think that would be it but Eve was determined to do this right they watched the odd video together eve put buttplugs of different shapes and sizes in him and occasionally teased the hell out of him outside his cage never letting him climax.By the end of the week Adam was sweaty moody and most importantly desperate to cum.Adam- Eve… I don't think i can wait much longer… I've been having the odd wet dream nothing and waking up cause of the cage.Eve- Ok go take a shower I'll get ready.Adam obeyed quickly glad this was gonna be over when he got back though there were cameras set up (well mobiles on tripods) around the sofa.. This hadn't been discussed but he was kinda ok with the idea so long as their faces were not put on the net. He trusted Eve speaking of she was on her way down the stairs he heard heels which was odd for her but when she came into the room his breath caught she was in a full stocking suspenders with a bustier she had ribbons in her hair and in her hand was the strapon. It was big but he knew compared to the big buttplug he had inside him the day before it would fit no problem. Adam- you are so beautiful EveEve- Thanks I kinda want to look the part, oh yeah the camera’s I kinda like the idea of recording it for personal viewing later, maybe even put it online if we can figure out censoring our identities or something… I hope you don’t mind.Adam- I'm ok with it, i trust you Eve- I should hope so haha now sit on the sofa and lose the towelEve took her time starting the camera’s whilst Adam strained against his cage, when she was satisfied she pulled out the key and unlocked him. She instantly gave him a wink and then a long kiss then began kissing down his body by the time she reached his cock it was already more erect than it had ever been. She ignored it entirely focusing her tongue on his balls before giving his tip a tiny lick smiling and winking at the camera all the while. Adam was enjoying the fact she was clearly enjoying being filmed and showing off knowing what she was going to do to him. She then pushed his legs back and smiled.Ok big guy time to play with the ass of yours a bit, she began by gently lapping at the entrance which brought a moan from Adam. She then stuck her tounge deep inside as deep as she could get. Then came the fingers opening his hole up and spreading it further. The thick lube easing them in. Eve- So big guy you like it in your assAdam- *coyly* Yes mistressHe knew this was for the camera’s too and he really liked it.Eve- Do you want me to fuck your little hole?Adam - God yes!Eve- say it honeyAdam- I want you to fuck my ass mistressEve- What with?Adam- The strapon MistressEve- Oh you mean my girlcockAdam- Yes mistress your Girlcock!! please ….Adam was desperate at this point she completely ignored his dick and he wanted to cum, he wanted to please her but he was in desperate need of her attention. It took all Adams willpower not to touch or stroke himself. Eve took away her fingers and slowly put on her harness and blue dildo. She felt a little strange suddenly having a cock but it was a good feeling it. The strap itself was designed to have a some pressure put on to her clit and the harness also had little part that she inserted into herself. This was no problem as by now she was dripping wet the part went in easily. She looked down on her prize and lubed up the cock slowly as he watched on. She knelt before him putting the cock ring around his ballsack and cock which both moves it out the way and increases blood flow to his penis not that he needed it he was drooling with precum it looked amazing to her she then gave his cock a touching gently with her finger just teasing him all the more. Adam moaned at this a moan filled with part despair part ecstasy. Then he felt something touching his entrance it was the girlcock. At this stage he was on the verge of screaming for it he knew he wanted to be fucked and he knew he was going to enjoy it. Eve- Well big guy I'm not sure who is looking forward to this more, me or you?. Are you ready?Adam- Please…. Ev… mistress Eve heard the almost slip and decided to tease just a little longer holding the tip against his anus. The had decided to not use names for the video. She began playing with his balls with her fingers.Adam- Uh please fuck me… He said that with such a pleading face and was looking directly into her eyes that Eve knew this was the moment he was quite literally begging for it.Adam- Ok honey since you asked so nicely i think you have suffered enough and she began to apply pressure to the strapon his ass accepted her cock slowly resisting only a little before going through and almost popping in slowly she passed halfway looking at his face which was a picture she will treasure as he frowned taking it all inside slowly and all it went in and Eve felt her thighs contact his ass. It felt so good Eve had a mini orgasm but she knew she had to wait. Eve- Wow you took it all big guy I'm so proud of you, how does it feel?Adam- It feels good mistress it doesn't hurt i feel really full, you can try moving if you want.Eve slowly moved back pulling it halfway out and then back inwhilst Adam moaned then decided to up the anti as she pushed his legs further back as she stood still inside him.Adam wasn't expecting this change of position but a sudden touch of his spot and he loved it enough to moan loud for the first time he then felt her push in and she was face to face with him and they kissed cutting off his moan. She then started to move a little faster pulling back from his kiss just to constraint on moving she was able to pound together a little, hearing the delightful melody of there skin slapping and Adams moans.Adam- Oh god yeah.. Fuck me…. Make me cum… please…Eve knew he was close at this point and was sure if she stroked him he would explode but she also wanted to try another position and maybe even go for the mythical hands free ejaculation. She stopped pulling out.Eve- Ok Adam time for some proper fucking turn over and spread that ass.He was eager to obey and in moments he was on his knees hands spreading his cheeks ready to be entered. Eve took her time lining up aiming at where she thought his spot as he called it was. She was rewarded when she got halfway and felt him shudder. Sinking the cock all the way to the hilt she grabbed his hips.Adam - oh god that spot i think I feel it.Eve smiled at one of the camera’s Eve- time to see if i can pound your ass and make you comeA she began taking long deep strokes revelling in the feeling of making him feel pleasure she spanked him a couple of time and then she grabbed both hips and began to pound fast.Adam - Oh god… fuck…. Me…. I'm gonna cu……..m from my ass….He erupted and eve could feel the shuddering going on inside his ass through the girlcock it pushed her over the edge and she came. She had enough presence of mind to reach around grab his erupting cock and with a few strokes help it on its way, this set off a new wave or eruptions and Adam was lost in the moment… they both were.Afterwards Eve asked Adam if he would take the lead and give her a good fuck which he did after a short recovery time first going down on her and even licking her ass as she had done for him. She enjoyed it but wasn't ready for anal herself somewhat ironically he admitted to her he had always wanted to fuck her doggy style thanks to her fantastic ass and she let him. It for Adam and for Eve felt like a opportunity for Adam to reclaim a bit of male pride… we don't know if that's the right term for it but we couldn't come up with something better.Thanks for reading more to come if you guys like

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